Valentine’s Day Treats


Grady and I have been thoroughly enjoying my time at home with him. We have been staying very busy and working on all sorts of projects (and of course spending lots of time playing and exploring!). One project we worked on are these Valentine’s treats for his favorite people.  We originally decided to make the large version of this for daddy as seen on Pinterest. We then thought that doing “mini” versions for some of his other Valentines could be super fun!

We found the tackle boxes and Candy at Walmart which made it really convenient.  The mini version boxes measure approximately 3″ x 6″ and cost less than $3 each.

Here is a photo of the different types of candy we purchased to make the tackle boxes (we needed more options to be able to make the larger version for dad, but you could easily buy much less for the mini versions).


We created tags on my Silhouette Machine for the final touch.  I  love the way they turned out!

I have to say, doing these sorts of projects with a toddler around can seem challenging (and they are definitely be more work to have them involved), but it makes it so much more fun.  He loved all of the colors of the candies and shaking all of the bags while I did the main sorting and compiling. We can’t wait to share these with all of his loves!

Part 2:


I also wanted to share Grady’s Valentine’s Day gift I made him for some inspiration.  I love putting little baskets together so I definitely had fun with this one.  Here is what I included:

  • Everyone Says I Love You pop-up book (G is obsessed with pop-up’s so I love how this is Vday-oriented and shows different “I Love You” languages all over the world) from Amazon
  • Baby’s First Words Book
  • What do you Love About You? Book (I love the message of this book)
  • Love from The Hungry Caterpillar book
  • XO Magnetic Puzzle from Target Dollar Section
  • Lion Jellycat stuffed animal
  • Little Red Car from Ikea
  • Dinosaur Puppet from Ikea
  • Tiger Valentine cup from Target
  • Valentine Fork and Spoon from Target Dollar Section
  • Stacks of Vday candy in clear boxes (boxes are from Hobby Lobby Jewelry Section)

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s day!  xoxoxox


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