Grady and the Growing Bump

526A5324526A5307526A5188526A5202526A5209526A5260526A5266526A5272526A5285526A5287526A5291526A5296526A5316As baby girl continues to grow more and more every day, John and I are trying to relish every remaining moment with Grady as an only child.  Grady is definitely in a challenging stage as he develops his opinion and learns to assert his power, but it also so much fun at the same time.  We laugh at his budding personality on a daily basis….and we are super excited (and nervous at the same time) for him to become a big brother.

As we continue to try to sell our house, prep for baby #2, and settle into a new home, we are busy beyond belief…but I trust it will all come together before our sweet girls’ arrival.

We took some time the other evening to capture Grady with my growing bump and to take photos of our family so that we remember this stage of our journey. G is keeping us on our toes; he is constantly chasing birds and playing ball, always picking me flowers anywhere we go, and invariably refusing to settle for anything less than what he makes his mind up for.  Our hearts are simply happy and growing every day with our love for both of them.