Hello (Again) World!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since my last post! If I’m being honest, there are many reasons for why that’s the case–a mix of finding our new groove as a family of four and feeling uncertainty as to the direction I want this blog to take.  But I have recently felt a huge urge for a creative outlet and the timing just feels right to me.  So, I have decided to buckle down and give this a chance in a more serious and structured way than before.

I’ve been wanting to start this process for quite some time but I wasn’t sure how to blend my personal social media accounts with this new adventure.  After careful consideration, I believe that keeping my personal social media private is the best interest for my family and my children.  It’s funny, I often read that many people stumbled on blogging ‘by chance’ and just happened to create an audience.  At one point in time, I would have told you that I wished for something like that; but after observing the pros and cons that scenario creates, I would much prefer to have a deliberate community with whom I can share curated content.  I truly love following along to both types of Bloggers, but I think this works best for me.

My dream of starting a business is still alive, but at this point there are so many other things that take priority over my own aspirations.  What I love about this Instagram and Blogging world is that it allows me to still focus on what matters most to me (my children, my family, celebrating big and little moments, creating lasting memories, photography, etc), while also diving into a challenge for myself.  I have no idea if it will stick, but if I don’t try, I’ll never know, right?

So, anyway, here we are!  I am SO SUPER excited to re-brand my blog as Thoughtfully Curated and really give try to create something meaningful and fun. Hopefully I can create, capture and share some good stuff along the way!


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