DIY Pumpkins

I had way too much fun crafting these pumpkins to add to my pumpkin collection. I love the variations of color and texture and that they are uniquely mine! The great thing about this project is that the possibilities are truly endless!

Decorating craft pumpkins is something that offers a wide variety of options. I opted to do a scrapbook paper mod-podge with different patterns and then added a yarn scroll for a variation of texture. For the paper, I looked for the 12×12 paper that was fairly thin so that it could be molded to the pumpkin shape. I purchased the smaller white pumpkins from the floral section at Joanne Fabrics (instead of the big crafting pumpkins they sell in mass) simply because I like the shape and size better…but the more drastic the humps are, the more tedious the mod-podge process is! You’ve been warned ☺️.

Here’s a quick step by step process I did for the mod-podge pumpkins:

    Cut the paper into strips, approximately 1″ wide and as long as the pumpkin from top to bottom
    Strip by strip, apply mod-podge to the back of the paper and apply to the pumpkin from just under the stem to the bottom center of the pumpkin. Use extra mod-podge to gently work the paper down to the pumpkin. I did add small slits into the paper where it was lumpy and far from laying flat. It takes a lot of patience and time just working the paper strip to fully lay down. By the end of it, the paper will likely be fully coated in its first layer of mod-podge
    After the entire pumpkin is covered in paper, add a 2nd coat of mod-podge for securing it all down
    After 2nd coat is dry, apply 3rd and final coat
    Paint your stem your color of choice (I went with a gold)

Have fun choosing papers that work for you but be sure to go bold and choose a fun pattern that might not be your norm. It’s fun to blend the simple with the interesting!

As for the yarn pumpkin, just use hot glue to create a mixture of patterns on the pumpkin itself. Fill in holes at the end to make sure no white is peeking through.


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