Hey all! I’m so happy to have you here! My name is Margaret and I recently transitioned from the corporate world to being a Stay-at-Home mama to my two littles in South Florida.  I’m a wife to my highschool sweetheart, John, aka the most supportive husband around who believes I can conquer the world :)….and who happens to be a great photographer too.

I love to celebrate life’s big and little moments and truly believe creating memories is what matters most.  Thoughtfulness is sometimes lost in this crazy world of ours, and it’s my goal to inspire some thoughtful creation, gifting and celebrating even in all of the chaos that surrounds us.

I’ve been following in my mama’s shoes for many years now, (trying) to kill the DIY game. She is the true talent behind all that I dream, create, and do and you will see or hear of her often.  Her name is Karen and she is my inspiration.

Life is complicated and it is simple all in the same breath.  Let’s not lose sight of what truly matters with each day that is gifted to us. If I can have a hand in adding a few more smiles with what I do here, my job will be complete.  Thanks for following along!

Inquiries or Collaborations, please contact: thoughtfullycurated16@gmail.com


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