A Woodland Celebration



Guys, I have literally been planning this for a year (okay, maybe a little less, but not much).  I could probably have 20 blog posts about all of the different projects we did for this party, and I may add different posts that include more details at a later time, but I wanted to share some of the highlights from Grady’s amazing birthday.

What made the party so VERY special was all of the people who came to celebrate him and to shower him with love.  It really was a beautiful thing (despite him being terrified and overwhelmed most of the party :)). The party itself and all of the details really did come together, but it was the company that made it just perfect in every way.

From the beginning, since G was born in Autumn (my favorite season!), I knew I wanted something centering around the clever fox.  At first I was planning a simple fox theme, but the party eventually took on a woodland theme with the fox being the main character.

Pretty much everything you see is hand-made or crafted by my mom and myself.  We did everything in small projects over the last several months so that it could come together at the end.  It was a lot of hours…but I think it was well worth it in the end.

My favorite part of the party is that we created a 1 Year Slideshow of Grady’s 1st year and it played on a loop in the background.  What a great reminder of the amazing and blessed year we have had with this boy.  This is definitely a tradition I hope to continue for each birthday of his in the future.

I think the pics speak for themselves so I will do less talking and explaining on this post than normal :).  I will also try to link most things below.

Too many pics??!  Sorry, I literally could’t dwindle it down.

Sources and Details 

Banners and all die-cuts:  This machine was worth every penny!! We used it for all of the tags and banners.  It cuts and it writes.  It makes everything so precise and professional!! Highly, highly recommend.

Invitations:  My SUPER talented sister HANDMADE all the invites.  What a beautiful touch.

Fox Cake Toppers: Handmade by my mom with Fondant

Grady Cake Topper: Purchased online here

Wooden Backdrop: Handmade by my husband with old barn and palette wood

Wooden Stumps on Food Table:  My dad cut these and sanded them down or use.  Love the height variation it gave the table.

Floral: My mom and I re-created an arrangement I fell in love with online.  The wooden planters were purchased here and the floral was bought online here

Kid’s Play Area:  The mushroom and fireplace are from Land of Nod.  So many good interactive play toys for kids!

Animal Pins:  My mom handmade these with clay and paint, inspired from Oh Happy Day.  Yep, be jealous.  She is amazing.

Fox Plush:  I kind of love the fox plush toys we had all over the house. You can find my favorite one here ….trust me, I know ALL the fox plushes available out there.  These are great quality for the price.

Woodland Animals: My mom Hand sewed these little critters and they were all over the party.  G absolutely loves them!

Animal Cups: We handmade these, but the tutorial is here……so, so cute.  We used them for cups at the Granola Bar.

Chalkboard: Yep, my mom. 🙂

Cake Pops:  Okay, you guys.  I found this shop and she is amazing.  Most beautiful cake pops I have ever seen.  So. Much. Talent. And she is really amazing to work with too :).

Sugar Cookies:  Purchased from Cookie Cousins ….they made a custom cutter based on something I liked on Pinterest.

Kid’s Favors: I will do a whole separate post on this sometime soon. There are too many goodies to include here!