My Perspective on Motherhood

With it being my first Mother’s Day and with Grady recently turning 6 months old, I thought I would take a few minutes to reflect on what motherhood means to me.

GT SU-24

I have always known that perspective is one of the strongest forces in understanding and appreciating life in its truest form.  Perspective can change everything, and my new perspective most certainly has done that for me.  I used to think that my life had such purpose, that I lived a full life and could not be any happier.  And while that may be partially true, I now see that I was just living a life to prepare me for this. Every bit of happiness I have felt in my life prior to October 27, 2015 pales in comparison to what I feel now when I hold my son and I embrace my little family.

No matter how long the days feel or how sleepless the nights can be, I truly try to stop and enjoy every minute. I now know that (for me) parenthood is the true meaning of life.  If I do nothing else in this world, I strive to equip this little man (and any of my future offspring) with the tools and capability to live a fulfilling, thoughtful, and happy life.  I know he has already done that for me in just a few short months.

I’m sharing some special photos from Grady’s 6 month photo shoot.  The amount of love that John and I both feel for this little boy is indescribable.  He steals a new piece of our hearts every single day and from these pictures it’s easy to see why :).

So far, this journey has been an epic one and I can’t wait to savor every second of what is to come.

Photography by Aimee Nelson Photography


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